Hamas has issued a new propaganda video encouraging Palestinian Authority security forces in the West Bank to follow in the footsteps of a security officer who died attacking Israeli soldiers, and to sacrifice their lives to inflict harm upon Israeli troops.

The video, which was broadcast by Channel 10 news on Friday, was likely produced in the Gaza Strip. In it, a PA policeman is seen driving around a Palestinian town when he sees a poster of “The heroic martyr Amjad Sukkari” — a PA official who was shot dead as he fired on Israeli soldiers at a West Bank checkpoint in January.

The distressed policeman drives on when a newspaper announcing the deaths of Palestinians at the hands of Israelis flies into his windshield. He tears it away, only to see a group of soldiers abusing and kicking a disabled man at a checkpoint.

The policeman then cocks his handgun and puts his foot on the gas pedal. The scene cuts to black.

“Sacrificing one’s life is a small price to pay for love of country,” a title reads.

An undated photo of Amjad Sukkari, a member of the Palestinian Authority who carried out a shooting attack in the West Bank on Sunday, January 31, 2016 (screen capture: Twitter)

Sukkari, who was shot dead on January 31 after shooting and injuring two soldiers seriously, was celebrated in the West Bank as a martyr.

He was a member of the Palestinian Authority security forces, and served as a bodyguard for the Ramallah district attorney.

Ahead of the attack he wrote on Facebook: “There are things on this earth that make life worth living. However, unfortunately, I don’t see life worth living under occupation — suffocating us, and killing our brothers and our sisters.”

The attack stood out among the rash of Palestinian assaults in recent months, which have generally been carried out by civilians, and not by members of terror cells or Palestinian armed forces.