Hundreds of Israelis gathered outside the Habima Theater in Tel Aviv on Saturday night to protest the possibility of an Israeli attack on Iran.

“Bibi and Barak, war is not a game,” said a sign carried by one of the protesters. “Don’t bomb, talk,” said a second poster, while a third read “Social justice does not equal war with Iran,” recalling the protests of summer 2011 which called for economic reforms in Israel under the banner of “social justice.”

In addition to slogans against a costly war with Iran, the protesters spoke out against the Israeli government, demanding that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu step down.

Saturday’s protest comes on the heels of an internet-based campaign launched by Ronny Edri and Michal Tamir, “Iranians, We Love You,” which they say represents “a group of Israelis that believe that the Israeli Iranian conflict has no real ground and based on … well, nothing. We also believe that like most Israelis most Iranians have nothing against us.”