An ultra-Orthodox soldier in IDF uniform was attacked on Friday by residents in Jerusalem’s Mea Shearim neighborhood, with police having to extract him under a hail of stones.

The soldier was walking home on furlough from the military on Friday when residents ran after him, throwing objects and shouting slurs.

Police were called to the scene as ultra-Orthodox men blocked an ambulance getting near the area.

The soldier was extracted by police officers from a store in which he found refuge, Channel 2 reported.

The attackers threw stones at the soldier and the police. No injuries were reported in the incident.

According to initial findings, the soldier arrived in the neighborhood for a weekend off from the army, and entered a store with a relative. Men who noticed him started crowding outside the store and pelted the store and the people inside with stones.

A Magen David Adom team that was scrambled to the scene was met with opposition from men who tried to prevent the ambulance from reaching the soldier. In response, police dispersed the attackers.

Following a number of incidents in which members of the ultra-Orthodox community assaulted soldiers in that neighborhood, the police has recently sent in undercover officers on occasion to draw out suspected assailants.

Last week, police conducted an operation in which several detectives were dressed in IDF uniform to deliberately provoke the violent ultra-Orthodox men. More than 10 people were arrested during the operation.

In April, a similar operation yielded eight arrests.

Many in the ultra-Orthodox community shun the mandatory military service that applies to most Israelis, and the community has historically enjoyed blanket exemptions in favor of religious seminary studies. But some in the religious community refuse to even appear at the recruiting office to request such exemptions in protest against the state. Without getting an exemption, those Haredi men are legally considered draft dodgers and open to military detention.

The arrest of ultra-Orthodox draft dodgers has raised tensions in the community and a series of large demonstrations in recent months against the induction of ultra-Orthodox people into the army saw some violent clashes between demonstrators and police.

Judah Ari Gross contributed to this report.