An IDF trainee was pronounced dead Sunday from a severe allergic reaction, less than three weeks after enlisting in the army.

Shalev Hazan died overnight in Beersheba’s Soroka Medical Center 10 days after eating granola containing nuts, to which he had a severe allergy.

The military police’s investigative unit and medical unit were investigating the case. IDF sources told the Ynet news site that initial findings would be published soon.

Eight days after he was drafted, Hazan ate the granola and was hospitalized the same evening in serious condition after suffering a severe reaction to the food. Several days ago he was pronounced brain dead, and he died in intensive care Sunday.

Yossi Hazan, the soldier’s father, said the army was aware of his nut, sesame and fish allergy before he was drafted to the military police. Shalev, he said, was cautious about checking processed foods before he ate them. He said his son had never eaten granola before, and didn’t know it contained nuts.

“I have no idea what happened there exactly,” he told Ynet. “If only I could have asked him, but it was too late.”

Hazan was set to be laid to rest Sunday afternoon in his hometown of Eilat.