Israel has warned its neighbors not to allow pro-Palestinian activists to march to its borders, a government source confirmed Sunday.

An international organization called “The Global March to Jerusalem” plans for thousands of protesters to approach Israel’s borders simultaneously from Arab countries and from Palestinian Authority-controlled territories this coming Friday, as part of Land Day demonstrations.

The source confirmed a Friday report in A-Sharq Al-Awsat saying Israel announced it would treat anyone who approaches the border as an infiltrator, and act against them decisively. The London-based newspaper said Israel claims the march is organized by hostile elements and sent a message to Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, the Hamas government in Gaza and the Palestinian Authority, calling on them not to allow escalation in the area by allowing marches to the borders.

Organizers claim more than 700 institutions from 64 states are involved in the rally. Protests are also planned to take place outside Israeli embassies in Europe and Arab countries.

Last year, the army fired towards protesters who approached the Lebanese and Syrian borders during Naksa day protests.

Palestinians mark March 30 as the day to commemorate the deaths of six Arabs killed by Israeli forces when they were protesting Israeli annexation of West Bank territories.

A spokesman for Jordan’s government denied receiving a message from Israel and said Jordan would not prevent demonstrations as long as they were peaceful.