Israeli couple dupes Justin Timberlake
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Israeli couple dupes Justin Timberlake

Eliran and Ilana Elgozi get singer to pose for a selfie at a concert with a fake marriage proposal

One of the most heartwarming moments of Justin Timberlake’s much praised show in Israel on Wednesday, an impromptu marriage proposal, was a big fat fake.

Apparently the couple, Eliran and Ilana Elgozi, had already been married for two months before they attended the concert with a sign that said Eliran promised Ilana he would propose if Timberlake took a selfie with them. The pop star saw their sign and climbed down to play along, and Eliran proposed successfully for a second time.

Eliran explained in a post on Facebook, however, that it was not simply a ploy to get attention and a picture, but a much-deserved romantic gesture to his wife.

“Anybody who knows us knows that we have traveled a path that hasn’t been so short or easy,” he wrote. “Our first marriages were not so great (to say the least), and our wedding — how shall we say, everything that could have gone wrong did. We were not sad. Anybody who knows us knows that we always try to make the best out of what we have. And thank to our amazing friends we managed to have something modest, [albeit] far from the dream wedding of the bride. There was a feeling of loss in the air.”

He recounted that after the wedding, he promised himself that he would make up for the less-than-spectacular nuptials and show his wife, who had stood beside him when he “slept on a mattress, didn’t have a shekel for a cucumber and didn’t leave him when he was alone and had no family,” how much she meant to him. Eliran began to formulate the plan after his wife bought the tickets for right in front of the stage.

“Luckily Justin is an amazing guy… and helped me do it the right way this time,” Eliran wrote. “It was even more than I could have imagined.”

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