Police in the southern town of Rahat weren’t clowning around on Wednesday when they stopped a minibus for erratic driving, and officers were un-amused by what they found inside — the vehicle’s eight passenger seats were piled high with 25 toddlers.

When the cops asked the driver to pull over, the man fled the scene on foot, and by the time police had pulled the children out of the car, he was nowhere to be found.

Police then contacted authorities to arrange for a larger, adequately equipped bus to be brought so that the young travelers could continue on their journey to kindergarten.

At the same time, officers began searching for the driver as well as contacting the company that operated the minibus.

But when police arrived at the kindergarten they discovered that it was locked. After investigating the matter it emerged that when the kindergarten teacher heard that the minibus had been stopped she immediately closed the nursery school and, like the hapless driver, fled.