Initial analysis by Hebrew media commentators of the Olmert verdict included several more and less explicit calls for the resignation of State Attorney Moshe Lador, a claim that he led a “targeted assassination” against the former prime minister, and speculation as to Olmert’s next move.

On the YNet website, Roi Mandel focused on the process that led to Olmert resigning from his position as prime minister. In an article titled “How a prime minister was toppled” (Hebrew), Mandel quotes Olmert’s friends and family who said the state attorney was “out to get him” amd writes of a “targeted assassination,” a term usually reserved for IDF strikes at terrorists.  Mandel said Lador should take personal responsibility for the failed prosecution and quit.

Arik Bender of Maariv looked at the prospect of Olmert returning to the political world. He wrote that Knesset members from Kadima, Olmert’s former party, were looking forward to having him back.

Olmert is the alternative to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, various politicians told Bender (Hebrew). The verdict could be a turning point in Israel’s internal politics, the piece said.

Israeli democracy was desecrated and abused, said Yossi Verter of Haaretz (English, behind a paywall). Verter said that while the state attorney’s office shouldn’t be assaulted, there is definitely a need to question the motives behind the pressing of charges.

A second point addressed in the piece looked at Olmert’s possible political comeback, saying his return would be much appreciated by his Kadima party. Verter also wrote that the possibilty of Yair Lapid joining forces with Olmert could be a realistic one.