Two brush fires broke out in different locations in Jerusalem on Thursday, one of them threatening residential areas.

In the southwestern neighborhood of Kiryat Yovel, flames drew close to residential buildings and five fire engines were sent to battle the blaze.

In the north of the capital another fire started near the Har Hotzvim industrial park.

Fire and rescue service crews managed to put out both fires before they could cause any damage to property. The causes of the fires was not known.

The fires are the latest in a series of blazes in and around the capital in recent days.

Three fires broke out in the hills around Jerusalem Wednesday, near the towns of Even Sapir and Aminadav in the hills southwest of the city, as well as in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Lifta, and in the town of Tzur Hadassah, to the south of the city.

Thirty-nine teams and six aircraft were involved in battling the flames near Even Sapir, close to the Hadassah Ein Kerem Medical Center. The main road to the hospital was closed to traffic.

A week ago, a major fire broke out in the forest near the Jerusalem neighborhoods of Kiryat Yovel and Ein Kerem. Hundreds of residents of nearby apartment buildings were evacuated as the flames reached roads in the area.

Five homes were destroyed and several more damaged by that blaze, which, according to officials, was caused by negligence.