At least 50 trees were cut down last night in an olive grove belonging to residents of the Palestinian village of As-Sawiya, which is located in eastern Samaria, near the settlement of Rehelim.

Graffiti bearing the words “price tag” and “Kippah Sruga” was found at the site, alongside a drawing of a smiley face. The Palestinian owner of the grove filed a complaint with the local police department.

Kippah Sruga was the name of a small outpost near the settlement of Yitzhar that was destroyed by Israeli security forces last week.

Last Sunday, three cars were vandalized in the Shuafat refugee camp near Jerusalem. The anonymous vandals spray-painted phrases across the car’s windows, including “price tag,” “death to the enemy” and “liberty to the homeland.” The tires on two of the vehicles were damaged during the incident as well.

Two weeks ago, a Palestinian cab was set on fire at the entrance to the village of Dhahiriya, south of Hebron. Nearby, a fence was vandalized with the words “price tag Susya.” Police were investigating the case at the time of reporting.