Wife and bro-in-law cheat, poison hubby
Tainted loveTainted love

Wife and bro-in-law cheat, poison hubby

Sharon area woman and her lover arrested on suspicion that they plotted to ice her cuckolded spouse

Lazar Berman is a former breaking news editor at The Times of Israel.

An illustrative photo of marriage (photo credit: Yossi Zamir/Flash 90)
An illustrative photo of marriage (photo credit: Yossi Zamir/Flash 90)

A real-life soap opera played itself out in Israel, culminating in the arrest Tuesday of a woman from the Sharon region suspected of poisoning her husband.

Apparently she made the attempt on her spouse’s life after falling in love with another man who happened to be her own sister’s husband, and carrying on an affair with him, Walla reported.

After her husband discovered that she was cheating, he initially decided to divorce her. Later, however, he changed his mind and stayed with his unfaithful wife.

Turns out that was probably a bad idea.

Determined to get him out of the picture however she could, the woman began poisoning her husband’s food, sending him to the hospital on multiple occasions. He nearly died, and doctors were unable to figure out what was causing his intense stomach pains, even after dozens of tests by top specialists.

While eating recently at home, the husband noticed that his food tasted funny, then began feeling intense pain before passing out. He was again taken to the hospital, where he realized that his wife might be behind his mysterious illnesses.

The wife was arrested, as was her lover, who police say also knew about the murder attempts.

The two deny any wrongdoing. Except for cheating, that is.

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