Israel will pursue to the end of the earth the terrorists behind a July 18 bus bombing in Bulgaria that left five Israelis and a local dead, the country’s vice prime minister said at a memorial ceremony in Burgas on Tuesday.

Vice Prime Minister Moshe Ya’alon began his remarks at the commemoration for those slain in the terror attack by warning of the ever-present threat of terror from Iran and its proxy, Hezbollah.

“Blood-curdling terrorists do not distinguish between the blood of one person or another,” said Ya’alon, who also serves as minister for strategic affairs and is considered one of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s top cabinet members. “These killers try to attack innocent Jews and Israelis, and they will travel to any part of the world, and kill anyone who stands in their way, in order to do so.”

We will “hunt down the perpetrators of this disgusting terror act by any means necessary… and pursue them to the bitter end,” he added.

Israel has pointed to Iran and Shiite client Hezbollah as responsible for the bombing, though officials in Bulgaria have yet to name a perpetrator.

Ya’alon, a former chief of staff of the IDF, said Western countries should work together and tighten sanctions on Iran, and not sweep the threat of their nuclear program under the rug. We should not “remove any options from the table” and must place demands on Tehran as quickly as possible — lest it be too late to confront the dictatorial regime,” he said.

He called Tehran’s leaders “dangerous” and “sincere” about their oft-stated plans regarding Israel, adding that their nuclear program is approaching a “very advanced stage.” A nuclear weapon could be used by terrorists located in various places around the world, he added. Ya’alon said the Iranian regime must choose between the bomb and survival.

He urged Western nations to unite in their fight against terrorism that “originates and is financed, planned and armed by Iran through its messenger, the Hezbollah killer.”