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Daily Briefing Oct. 19: Day 13 of war – Biden’s bear hug of Israel

Zman Yisrael editor Biranit Goren on US President Joe Biden’s solidarity visit and freedom of the press; military correspondent Emanuel Fabian on what’s happening on the frontlines

Welcome to The Times of Israel’s Daily Briefing, your 15-minute audio update on what’s happening in Israel, the Middle East and the Jewish world.

Zman Yisrael editor Biranit Goren and military correspondent Emanuel Fabian join host Amanda Borschel-Dan on today’s episode.

We are on day 13 of the war that Hamas instigated on October 7 with its murderous incursion into Israel, in which its gunmen killed some 1,400 people and wounded thousands. Every day, more bodies are identified and the grieving continues.

The IDF reported today that it is still finding Hamas infiltrators here in Israel and that it estimates there are now 203 hostages in Gaza. Fabian updates us.

While the ground incursion is still on hold, what offensive steps has the IDF been taking in the last few days?

There have been increased arrests of Hamas terrorists in the West Bank over the past week and even on the day US President Joe Biden was here, more rockets fell and action took place on the northern border. We hear updates on developments there, as well as reports of airstrikes on Syria.

Biden was here yesterday for a solidarity visit. Goren gives bullet points from the trip and discusses its fallout.

On Monday, the security cabinet pushed off a vote on controversial regulations proposed by Communications Minister Shlomo Karhi that would empower him to shut down foreign media outlets. Goren describes a feared shrinking of the freedom of the press.

For the latest updates, please look at The Times of Israel’s ongoing live blog.

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