Israeli startup hopes to clean up with hands-free toilet brush

Haifa-based Toibot’s robots do the dirty work in the bathroom, cleaning and disinfecting toilet bowls

A Toibot prototype installed inside toilet bowl. (Courtesy)
A Toibot prototype installed inside toilet bowl. (Courtesy)

Whether you are Donald Trump, who was recently offered a 24-karat gold toilet by the Guggenheim, or you have a throne made of standard white porcelain, keeping it clean is an age-old challenge.

But that difficulty may finally have met its match, thanks to two Haifa-based entrepreneurs, David Alush and Daniel Tokarev, who have created a robot capable of cleaning a toilet without its human owner having to touch a toilet brush or bowl ever again, they say.

“We were asking ourselves, how can it be possible that we have autonomous cars, but there’s no solution for cleaning a toilet? For 90 years the manual toilet brush has been the only cleaning tool for the filthiest place in the home,” said Tokarev, co-founder and CEO of Toibot.

Toibot is a battery-powered robot that cleans your toilet at the touch of a button. It attaches to any toilet and automatically brushes its entire surface while dispensing capsules that clean, disinfect and polish, keeping the toilet 99.9 percent bacteria free.

Before the advent of the toilet brush people used animal tails to clean toilets, and even today the process of cleaning the toilet and storing a dirty brush remains unpleasant and unhygienic, said Tokarev.

The company says its product saves money by doing away with the need for cleaning supplies such as rubber gloves, a toilet brush, paper towels, disinfectant and all-purpose cleaners. The average consumer spends $25 to $30 per month for toilet care products, according to research done by Tokarev.

“Our only competitor is the human hand and a toilet brush. Nothing else exists on the market which does the job with just the push of a button,” Tokarev said.

David Alush (left) and Daniel Tokarev (right), co-founders of Toibot. (Courtesy)

The company is currently designing two prototypes, one for individual use in households and another for commercial and industrial for use in restaurants, airplanes, hospitals and schools. The company plans to launch a pilot in the first quarter of 2019 in all major Israeli cities.

Toibot, which is expected to hit the retail market next year for a price tag of $79, has more than 25,000 units in preorders from online customers and distributors. The company holds patents in the US, Europe, Canada and Brazil.

“We are getting a lot of interest from large distributors in commercial and residential markets who are looking to be exclusive with our company,” said Tokarev.

Initially funded by friends and family, the company says it is looking for investors to help finance Toibot’s final production and manufacturing phase.

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