Biden discusses ‘tragic and alarming incident’ in Gaza with Egyptian, Qatari leaders

US President Joe Biden discussed the “tragic and alarming incident” in northern Gaza on Thursday with the leaders of Egypt and Qatar, as well as ways to secure the release of Hamas hostages and a six-week ceasefire, the White House says.

Hamas’s health authorities claimed more than 100 Palestinians were killed by Israeli forces as they waited for a food aid delivery, but Israel disputed the death toll and said many of the victims had been run over by aid trucks and an ensuing crush.

The Israel Defense Forces published a drone video showing thousands of people swarming around the aid trucks as they reached the area in northern Gaza. In some cases, the vehicles continued to try and push past the crowds.

According to an initial IDF probe of the crush, the vast majority of the casualties were a result of trampling and being struck by the aid trucks.

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