Cornerstone laid for new main IDF induction center near Ramle, to open in 2027

The Defense Ministry says a cornerstone was laid today for a new main IDF induction center near the city of Ramle, which will replace the current one at the Tel HaShomer base in Ramat Gan.

Defense Minister Yoav Gallant, Ramle Mayor Michael Vidal and other senior defense officials participated in the ceremony. The new base, dubbed Ofek Rachav (Wide Horizon), was estimated last year to be ready to open in 2027, though that could change.

The move is meant to free up land in the high-demand area of Tel HaShomer, and to strengthen the poorer area of Ramle, southeast of Tel Aviv.

The new, 360-dunam (89-acre) base is where new IDF recruits will be inducted and sent to basic training, and will house the headquarters of many military divisions and departments, a medical center, shopping and sports centers and parking lots. It is planned to house some 9,000 service people and receive 5,000 visitors every day, according to the ministry.

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