Gantz: Irresponsible ministers showing ‘ingratitude’ to US do so for political gain

War cabinet minister Benny Gantz criticizes attacks on the US by Israeli government ministers following a post from National Security Minister Itamar Ben Gvir on X in which he quipped that “Hamas [loves] Biden,” complete with a heart emoji.

The United States stood by Israel’s side during its darkest hour, and the verbal attacks aimed at the US made by some ministers are both irresponsible and distasteful, and serve internal political considerations,” Gantz says in a statement that doesn’t mention Ben Gvir by name.

Ben Gvir’s slight against the US president came after Biden said he would freeze the transfer of certain weapons to Israel should the military advance into Rafah, Gaza’s southernmost city.

Commenting on Biden’s ultimatum, Gantz says he believes the vital arm shipments will continue.

“Beyond the security necessity, there is an important international political message behind the continued American position in support of Israel,” Gantz adds.

“Israel has a moral and security obligation to continue to defend itself to ensure the return of the hostages and remove the threat Hamas poses to Southern Israel, while the US has the moral and strategic obligation to supply Israel with the necessary tools to complete its mission.”

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