Herzog: Gaza war report an ‘indictment’ of Netanyahu’s leadership

Opposition leader Isaac Herzog says that the pending comptroller’s report on the 2014 Gaza war is an “indictment” against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s leadership during the military operation.

“This indictment doesn’t deal with receiving illicit gifts or with inappropriate personal behavior,” Herzog tells his Zionist Union faction meeting in the Knesset, referring to the ongoing criminal investigations into the prime minister, “but rather with the failure of country’s leadership, the disregard for human life, the abandonment of soldiers and officers and the citizens of the south.”

He adds: “This indictment reveals how the prime minister and his security cabinet failed to understand the threats, to set a strategy to deal with them and to prepare the operation.”

According to Herzog, the only member of the security cabinet who acted appropriately during the war was Tzipi Livni, his number 2 in the Zionist Union faction, who sat next to him in the meeting.

— Raoul Wootliff

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