In odd tangent, Netanyahu says ‘women are animals with rights’

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gave something of a rambling, odd statement about violence against women earlier, in which he ended up saying that “women are animals… with rights.”

Netanyahu was speaking at a conference at the Knesset on stopping violence against women. Trouble appears to have started when the prime minister said women “are not an animal you can hit.” Presumably realizing this would not go over well, he added: “And today we say you don’t hit animals either.”

Perhaps he should have stopped there, but he went on.

“We understand there is understanding and there is intelligence and there is cognition and there are feelings for animals,” he said.

“We are rightfully compassionate toward animals… We are compassionate toward animals — women are animals. Children are animals. Animals with rights, and this matter needs to pass from the world and I hope we don’t see these shocking things.”

Everybody got that?