Iran’s Khamenei appears to respond to Israel with call for ‘hybrid’ offensive

Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei says the country must take the offensive against a “hybrid” war by unspecified enemies and wage a similar campaign of its own.

“In the face of such joint aggression, we cannot constantly remain in a defensive position and must mount an intensive and vigorous campaign in various fields, including media, security and economics in response,” he tells air force officers at an annual gathering, according to Iran’s Press TV.

The comments directly parallel those of a senior Israeli official who told reporters on Monday that Israel was engaged in a multifaceted effort against Iran that sought to bog it down at home so it cannot put resources into arming terror groups on Israel’s borders.

“Our goal is to harass them at home, so they will be busy with that,” the official said. “So they will be weaker and will have less money and energy.”

“The weakening is primarily economic, through a number of activities, financial, diplomatic, preemptory actions, covert and open, in cyberspace and other areas,” the official said.



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