Israeli news outlets to Facebook, Twitter: Remove incitement against journalists

Over a dozen Israeli news outlets urge Facebook and Twitter to remove content inciting against journalists from the social media platforms.

“Journalists have become a target for incitement, which has put them in a clear and present danger,” the outlets urge in a letter sent to the social media giants. “There have been countless posts on Facebook and tweets on Twitter calling for physical harm to Israeli journalists, or labelling them as traitors or enemies of the state in a manner that encourages or justifies violent actions against them.

“Facebook and Twitter have a public responsibility to monitor and immediately remove any posts distributed on their platforms, which encourage the physical harm of journalists. It is their responsibility to prevent incitement and inflammatory content from being distributed under the auspices of their platforms.

“If — or worse, when — bodily harm or loss of life occurs in connection with this incitement, Facebook and Twitter must know that in their failure to act and take a stand against the incitement, they enable, if not encourage, such violent acts,” the letter says.

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