Jordan Valley leader jumps the gun, thanks Netanyahu for annexation

A public relations company working for Jordan Valley Regional Council chair David Elhayani, Pe’er & Levin PR, may have jumped the gun on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s expected “dramatic” announcement this evening, releasing a statement quoting Elhayani lavishing praise on Netanyahu for apparently taking steps toward annexation of the Jordan Valley.

“After 11 years of serving [as council head], which were filled with fear for the future of the Valley, this is one of the most important and exciting moments I have experienced,” Elhayani is quoted as saying.

“I thank Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu from the depths of my soul for transforming this time into a historic moment for Israel. Let us not forget how he stood strong in the face of the Obama administration’s pressure to surrender the Jordan Valley — and in his first opportunity, Netanyahu now shows his leadership, determination and courage as a statesman and true patriot, fulfillling the dream of the Valley’s residents, and of most of Israel’s citizens.”

He goes on: “To the cynics who say this was for the election, don’t worry about them.”

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