Kibbutz Be’eri calls for state commission to investigate Oct. 7: Still questions after IDF probe

In its first response to the IDF probe on the October 7 onlslaught, Kibbutz Be’eri says the findings “helped kibbutz members understand a little the depth and complexity of the fighting in different areas of the kibbutz.”

“We see great importance in the acceptance of blame and responsibility by the IDF for its complete failure to protect us,” a statement from the kibbutz says.

The kibbutz says, however, that residents did not receive “an adequate answer to a few key questions,” calling for the establishment of a state commission of inquiry “that will not leave any stone unturned, examine the conduct of all the actors and provide us with answers with which it will be possible to start rehabilitating and draw operative conclusions for the future, so the incomprehensible loss we experienced will never again by experienced by any other citizen.”

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