Leaked call to police by suspected terrorist

An audio file leaked on Twitter is reported to be a recording of a call placed to the police hotline of a man who allegedly said he intends to commit a terror attack in the Tel Aviv area.


In the recording, the man first asks whether the operator speaks Arabic. Then, when answered in the negative, the caller proceeds to explain, in broken Hebrew, that he is from Hebron, but is currently in Tel Aviv.

He says that he is carrying explosives and had planned to set off a bomb in the city, but immediately adds that he’d changed his mind. He commented that “I have a lot of paraphernalia on my body, and I don’t know what to do” and that all he wanted to do was go back home. He says his mother had urged him not to carry out the attack. When asked where he is located, the man responds, in Arabic, that he is not sure. He repeats that he cannot say where he is and finally hangs up several seconds later.

A police spokesman tells The Times of Israel that security forces are conducting searches in Tel Aviv. He adds that police have tightened security throughout the city, but that he cannot confirm if the recording is genuine.

Police also call on the public to be vigilant and to report any suspicious activity.

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