Likud says it won’t form government with Arab Israeli parties

As Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu courts the Arab vote, his Likud party clarifies that the prime minister has no intention of forming a government with Arab parties after the March elections. He also rules out forming a minority government propped up by Arab lawmakers from the opposition.

“We won’t form a government with Mansour Abbas or the Joint List, and we won’t rely on them, after they opposed the peace deals that bring Jews and Arabs closer,” Likud says. “Israel’s Arab citizens support Likud led by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu because they’re sick of wasting their vote on the Joint List, which sits in the opposition and does nothing for them. They are joining Likud to ensure integration, prosperity and security in their towns.”

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visits a coronavirus vaccination facility in the northern Arab city of Nazareth on January 13, 2021 (Gil ELIYAHU / POOL / AFP)