MDA paramedic Aharon Haimov, father of 2, identified as among those killed; was shot in his ambulance

Renee Ghert-Zand is the health reporter and a feature writer for The Times of Israel.

Aharon Haimov (Courtesy MDA)
Aharon Haimov (Courtesy MDA)

Magen David Adom names the senior paramedic and ambulance driver who was killed this morning as Aharon Haimov.

He died after being shot in an MDA ambulance by Palestinian terrorists as he was on his way to treat victims in his hometown of Ofakim as the coordinated attack on Israel by Hamas from Gaza unfolded.

Haimov was a 25-year-old married father of two. He also leaves behind parents, siblings and an extended family.

Haimov began his career with MDA as a post-high school volunteer. He later joined the organization in a professional capacity as an emergency medicine paramedic and ambulance driver.

In a statement, MDA says that Haimov always performed his duties in an exemplary way and was the first to respond to emergency events.

“He was a person who put the good of others and the value of life ahead of everything else — including today, on this tragic morning,” says MDA director-general Eli Bin.

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