New Hope bill recognizing bereaved siblings passes Knesset with Likud support

A New Hope-sponsored bill that would recognize the siblings of a victim of a fatal incident as a bereaved relative has passed the Knesset on preliminary reading with Likud support, amid reports of a possible partnership between the parties.

The bill would require authorities to not only inform the parents of a victim, but also their siblings, and would also receive information about what help or benefits might be available to them.

The bill, proposed by the coalition’s Michal Shir, passes with 72 votes in support after getting backing from some Likud MKs, despite the opposition party vowing to vote down any coalition bill, regardless of content.

The support comes on the heels of a report earlier in the day detailing secret backchannel talks between New Hope and Likud about possibly forming an alternative government.

According to Ynet, Likud ordered a reduction in public attacks on New Hope head Gideon Sa’ar as part of the talks. Most New Hope MKs are former Likud lawmakers who left after feuding with party leader Benjamin Netanyahu.

New Hope members have denied the reports.

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