Ra’am official says party does not want to partner with ‘racists’ on right

The head of Ra’am’s negotiating team indicates to Channel 12 news that the party would prefer to join a center-left government than one likely to be cobbled together by Likud head Benjamin Netanyahu.

Shua Mansour Masarwa hints that Ra’am would be uncomfortable in a coalition that includes the Religious Zionism party.

“We won’t sit with racists who threaten us, who threaten Al-Aqsa,” he says. “There are other options for a government.”

Masarwa says the party will do what it needs to advance its agenda, noting that the center-left is more likely to line up with the Islamist party’s goals.

“According to all indications, Netanyahu does not have a coalition. As we see it, the center-left is closer to the voters of Ra’am and the Joint List.”

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