Seinfeld heckled, accused of supporting ‘genocide’ while attending NYC Jewish event

Pro-Palestinian demonstrators heckled comedian Jerry Seinfeld as he left a Jewish event in New York City, accusing him of supporting “genocide” over his backing for Israel in its war against Hamas.

Video shows Seinfeld smiling and waving, apparently unperturbed as he left the event at the 92 Y community center where former New York Times columnist Bari Weiss was giving the Y’s annual State of the World Jewry address.

Demonstrators chanted “genocide supporter” as Seinfeld was escorted out by a heavy police presence. They also called him “Nazi scum.”

The New York Police Department says two demonstrators were arrested.

Following the October 7 Hamas attack on southern Israel that killed some 1,200 people and saw another 253 kidnapped, Seinfeld visited Israel in a show of support, traveling to see the evidence of the massacre in a ravaged kibbutz.

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