Top Ra’am official says cooperating with Ben Gvir would end party chief’s career

Mayor of Taybeh Sha’a Mansour Massarwa (Dov Lieber/Times of Israel)

Sha’a Mansour Massarwa, a senior member of the Islamist Ra’am party’s coalition negotiations team, reiterates that the party will not politically cooperate with Bezalel Smotrich’s far-right Religious Zionism party, which includes extremist Itamar Ben Gvir.

Mansour, the mayor of Taybeh, tells Channel 12 news that any move by Ra’am leader Mansour Abbas to support a government that includes Smotrich and Ben Gvir would mean he was ending his political career, “which is why such a scenario doesn’t exist.”

“Ben Gvir isn’t just a red line, it’s the blackest of black lines. Period. We have nothing to do with anyone who calls for sidelining Arabs.

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