Volunteers aid in search for Israeli man missing in Ukraine

Volunteers from the ZAKA rescue organizations fly to the Ukrainian city of Uman to help search for a missing Israeli man, Amir Ohana, who disappeared in the country during a Rosh Hashanah pilgrimage there.

“Efforts include extensive interviewing and checking CCTV footage in order to find leads, as well as an organized physical searching of a wide area using many volunteers on the ground,” a statement from ZAKA says.

Thousands of Israelis visit the Ukrainian city each year on Rosh Hashanah to pay respects to the 18th century Hasidic sage Nachman of Breslov who is buried there.

The ZAKA team includes a search-and-rescue drone operator, the group says. The group is “awaiting approval from the Ukrainian authorities to send out volunteers from the ZAKA Canine unit and the ZAKA Divers unit, in order to provide the fullest response possible to this search mission,” it adds.

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