Man, 41, indicted in kidnapping and rape of autistic teen girl in Ashdod

Igor Olsik denies assaulting alleged victim, but prosecutors say he locked her in his apartment, then attacked despite her pleading to be set free

Stuart Winer is a breaking news editor at The Times of Israel.

Illustrative: A policeman holds handcuffs. (Yossi Zamir/Flash90)
Illustrative: A policeman holds handcuffs. (Yossi Zamir/Flash90)

A man was indicted Sunday for the alleged kidnap and rape of an autistic teenage girl last month in the southern city of Ashdod, with prosecutors saying Igor Olsik took advantage of the minor’s lack of awareness to carry out his crimes.

Olsik, 41, was charged at the Beersheba District Court with aggravated rape, committing an indecent act, and holding a person against their will without cause.

The girl’s mother told the Kan public broadcaster that her daughter was “destroyed” by the incident.

According to the indictment, on October 25 the alleged victim, 14, was walking home alone from school when Olsik approached her.

The defendant, who had no previous acquaintance with the eighth-grader, began talking to her, mostly in Russian, a language the girl does not speak.

“He took advantage of the innocence and lack of understanding of a minor with special needs,” prosecutors wrote in the indictment.

Olsik allegedly persuaded the girl to come home with him and then locked the door of the apartment after they had entered. Prosecutors say Olsik smoked some drugs, which he also offered to the girl, though she refused. He then allegedly forced her into his bedroom, despite her protesting that she is only 14 and repeatedly asking that he open the door to let her go home.

In the room, Olsik allegedly raped her and committed an indecent act, prosecutors said.

“With his acts, the defendant caused real mental harm to the minor,” the indictment said.

Jana Zaitsev of the public defender’s office, the attorney representing Olsik, said in a statement that her client was cooperating with police and that he had given investigators his version of events.

“He asserts that he did not assault the minor,” she said and added that Olsik will offer his defense after police have properly examined the evidence against him.

However, prosecutors and police stressed that the girl repeatedly begged to be allowed to leave throughout the incident and that Olsik did not heed her pleas.

The girl’s mother, Michal, told the Kan public broadcaster that Olsik had “destroyed” her daughter.

“I am shaking all over,” Michal said. “How can you do something like that to the girl? That man must not get out [of detention]. He needs a life sentence.”

Michal said the girl’s ordeal lasted for an hour and a half. Her daughter was only able to escape, she said, when Olsik’s mother arrived at the apartment and the girl bolted through the unlocked door.

When her daughter arrived home she immediately told her twin sister that she had been assaulted, Michal said.

Prosecutors asked that Olsik be held until the end of the proceedings.

As part of a campaign against violence against women, posters in support of the girl were hung on streets in Ashdod, Channel 13 news reported.

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