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Igal Haimov is a self-made jewelry designer who owns a famous jewelry store in Miami named Haimov Jewelers.

Courtesy of Haimov Jewelers
Courtesy of Haimov Jewelers

Igal Haimov is a self-made jewelry designer who owns a famous jewelry store in Miami named Haimov Jewelers. The founder of the renowned jewelry shop got into the business at a very young age after being recognized by a jeweler for his talent for designing jewelery pieces out of his own creativity. Haimov Jewellers is famous for its customized jewelry making. Many high-profile clients like Kim Kardashian, Lil pump, Paris Hilton, Lebron James, and other artists have bought many jewelry pieces from Haimov for their exquisite, detailed and next-level craftsmanship which makes their store stand out in this fiercely competitive industry.

They are determined to face their major challenges through their originality and honesty towards their work. They believe obstacles will come on their path to success but they are ready to face them with their head held high and are ready to break through anything negative with positivity. Haimov Jewellers have extreme respect towards their customers as they know without them, they wouldn’t have prospered in this industry so they always make sure they prioritize quality over quantity. Over the thirty years of establishment, they always had huge esteem for craftsmanship and quality of service.

The founder doesn’t see jewelry as an accessory, he sees it as an art. By creating their own path instead of following other people’s footsteps Haimov has become the all-way stop for Miami celebrities and artists since they eliminate any obstacles and over-deliver setting expectations extremely high for their competition. Haimov has its biggest showroom in the Miami Diamond district and even has created his own line of watches widely known as Haimov Watches. They believe their extreme honesty with clients and intense passion for the art of creating jewelry pieces has built Haimov’s name in Miami. They find their honesty with clients is what people recognize and appreciate and respect them for.

Presently, they are planning to expand globally by opening chain stores in places like New York, Los Angeles, Paris, Dubai, Moscow and many more locations and have hopes to create a 2nd line of Haimov Watches as well as build a clothing line representing their brand.

If you are looking for a customized jewelry store with a unique taste in their jewelry designing in Miami, then you should definitely contact Haimov Jewellers. Go check out their website, Instagram handle and YouTube channel below.


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