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Wartime Diaries: Amira Mohammed and Ibrahim Abu Ahmad

Can these voices be heard by both Israelis and Palestinians?

Amira Mohammed and Ibrahim Abu Ahmad (Israel Story)
Amira Mohammed and Ibrahim Abu Ahmad (Israel Story)

Arab-Israelis, or Palestinian Citizens of Israel, or Palestinian-Israelis — all these definitions are obviously complicated and personal and have hefty connotations — found themselves in a very difficult place following the attacks of October 7th. There was a lot of confusion, a lot of suspicion and mainly, a lot of fear. Any statement, any post, any tweet came under extreme scrutiny. Most people chose, therefore, to remain silent. They figured that the benefits of speaking up seemed to be dwarfed by the possible outcomes: being fired, arrested, accused of treason or support of terrorism.

But Ibrahim Abu Ahmad and Amira Mohammed are not most people. They’re both peace activists who live between the two societies: they’re Muslim and proud Palestinians, on the one hand, but they are also Israeli citizens, speak Hebrew, have many Jewish friends and either live or work in predominantly Jewish cities in the center of Israel.

So when many people around them retreated into a self-imposed post-October 7th silence, they did the exact opposite: they started a podcast called “Unapologetic: The Third Narrative” (Apple, Spotify). On the show they explore their complex identities, and talk to a wide range of guests — Jews, Arabs, Gazans, Israelis.

The podcast has taken off, and Amira and Ibrahim have come to model a different kind of discourse, one that challenges the binary and dichotomous definitions we’re so accustomed to hearing.

The end song is Bahlawan (“Acrobat”) by Mira Awad.

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