Afghan protest on anti-Islam film turns violent

Afghan protest on anti-Islam film turns violent

Hundreds burn a car, throw rocks, and chant 'Death to America!' in Kabul as demonstrations continue in Pakistan and Indonesia

Demonstrators in Peshawar, Pakistan, September 2012 (illustrative, photo credit: Muhammad Sajjad/AP)
Demonstrators in Peshawar, Pakistan, September 2012 (illustrative, photo credit: Muhammad Sajjad/AP)

KABUL, Afghanistan — Police said hundreds of people were burning cars and throwing rocks toward a military camp on the outskirts of the Afghan capital Monday in a protest against an anti-Islam film that has caused uproar across the Muslim world.

Police officer Azizullah said there were as many as 800 people swarming the main thoroughfare of Jalalabad road near a US military base on Monday morning. He said police shot into the air to hold them back. (Azizullah goes by only one name).

At the scene, the crowd also burned shipping containers and tires. Provincial Police Chief Daoud Amin said at least one police vehicle was burned. Police said the crowds were shouting “Death to America!” and “Death to those people who have made a film and insulted our Prophet!”

Israel Radio reported that thousands of people also demonstrated Monday against the anti-Islam film in Pakistan, while dozens gathered for the same reason in Indonesia.

On Sunday, hundreds of Pakistanis took to the streets to protest the movie. They marched on the US Consulate in Karachi. Police fired tear gas and water cannons at the protesters after they broke through a barricade. Police and private security guards outside the consulate also fired shots in the air to disperse the crowd. Thousands of people held peaceful protests against the film in several other cities in Pakistan.

The violence follows dozens of protests that took place at the start of the weekend in some 20 countries around the Muslim world. At least seven people were killed — all protesters — in several of the demonstrations that turned violent in Yemen, Tunisia, Cairo, Sudan, and elsewhere.

Widespread fury and demonstrations against the anti-Islam film, “Innocence of Muslims,” which ridicules the Muslim Prophet Muhammad and portrays him in an offensive, denigrating fashion, were set off last Tuesday.
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