Egypt said on Tuesday that it was bringing charges against four men who had spied on behalf of Israel.

Prosecutor General Hisham Barakat alleged that two of the men are Mossad agents who are still being sought, and the other two are Egyptians, now in custody, who were working for the Jewish state.

In a statement, prosecutors said that one of the Egyptians had offered his services to Israel in 2009, and the other is a magazine journalist who helped the first defendant. The two received money and gifts in return for their information, according to the investigation. When they confessed and gave up the names of Israeli officers, Barakat issued arrest warrants for the Israelis.

The Israeli officers provided training on gathering information and the use of sophisticated technology to send information to Israel, Egypt said.

The state prosecutor listed the men as Ramzy Mohamed, Sahar Ibrahim, Samuel Ben Zeev and David Wisemen, and identified the latter two as “officers in the Israeli Mossad,” according an official statement translated by Reuters.

The four were “sent to a Cairo criminal court for spying for the interests of the state of Israel,” the statement said.

The Egyptians are in custody and authorities have issued arrest warrants for the Israelis, although prosecutors do not know their whereabouts.

Earlier this month, the trial of eight people including five Israelis and three Egyptians on similar charges began in a court in the Suez Canal city of Ismailia. The Israelis were tried in absentia.

The trials are taking place amid near-daily reports of plots in the media, with foreign parties regularly accused of conspiring with the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood group to destabilize Egypt.