It can be pretty exhausting to, um, cover a military operation around the clock for 50 days straight. Just ask, um, any of the Israeli journalists that Doron Salomon caught losing concentration as they said, “Iron Dome” on the air.

The astute Salomon, the cofounder of the Israeli “Negina” music website, noticed that television reporters and announcers were inserting “ehh” (the Hebrew filler word equivalent to the English “um”) in the middle of “Kippat Barzel” (Iron Dome) more and more frequently as Operation Protective Edge dragged on. It seemed they needed a moment to remember just what that miraculous “Kippah” (dome) was metaphorically, if not literally, made of.

And, of course, in this day and age, this observation resulted in a mash-up video shared on social media.

Salomon himself was not at all hesitant to point out — in a comment on his Facebook page — that his collecting all those “ehh”s sandwiched between “Kippat” and “Barzel” was done in good fun and with admiration for the tireless journalists.

He wasn’t pinning filler flubs on any reporter or news outlet in particular. His inclusion of journalists from all Israeli channels showed that no one was immune to this summer’s broadcast news’ “ehh” epidemic.

Take a look. You might find the video, um, amusing.