Kindergarten classes throughout the country will stay shuttered until 9 a.m. Thursday in a symbolic strike, the Teacher’s Union declared after an emergency meeting Wednesday.

Most state-sponsored kindergarten’s normally begin at 7:15 a.m. Special education classes will not be affected by the strike, the union said.

The strike was billed as a “warning,” after a kindergarten and its teacher’s car were burned earlier this week in the southern town of Heletz.

No children were in the building at the time of the fire, and no injuries were reported in either incident, though heavy damage was caused both to the preschool and to the vehicle. Police investigators said the children’s institution as well as the car were purposely targeted, possibly by disgruntled parents.

According to reports earlier this year, the teacher informed authorities that she suspected the parents of a child in the preschool of behaving violently and possibly beating their child.

“The Teacher’s Union will not tolerate violent behavior, which has no place in a civilized society,” said labor union secretary Yossi Wasserman on Wednesday. Teachers do “holy work dedicated to educate Israeli children,” he added, and must not be put in harm’s way in the course of doing their job.