Israeli forces briefly clashed with rock-throwing Muslims atop the Temple Mount Friday.

Three people were arrested, and a number of protesters were hurt as they tried to run from stun grenades deployed by Israeli forces, police said.

The scuffle began when youths holed up in the al-Aqsa Mosque began hurling stones at police officers. The officers were later pelted again as they entered the Mughrabi Gate onto the Temple Mount.

The last several days have seen a number of violent incidents atop the holy esplanade. On Tuesday, several people within the mosque shot fireworks at police, setting off a brief scuffle.

Two days earlier, two Jews and two Arabs were arrested when a melee broke out after a Jewish group under police protection began to sing Hanukkah songs.

Jews are allowed atop the Temple Mount, but are often closely watched by security forces and are forbidden from praying in any way while at the sensitive site.

In Gaza on Friday, approximately 100 Palestinians rallied near the border fence with Israel, reported Walla News.

The demonstrators threw a Molotov cocktail at the fence, according to the report. There were no injuries.