The weird case of the ‘Mossad’ conman
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The weird case of the ‘Mossad’ conman

NYC swindler posing as an ex-Israeli intelligence agent tries to scam wealthy divorcee out of $20 million; chaos ensues

Illustrative photo of a sample last will and testament. (photo credit: CC BY Ken Mayer/Flickr)
Illustrative photo of a sample last will and testament. (photo credit: CC BY Ken Mayer/Flickr)

A septuagenarian, overly romantic and rich divorcee.

Plenty of estranged family members.

A middle-aged conman posing as a Mossad agent.

Twenty million dollars in jewels.

Brighton Beach and Manhattan, NYC.

A twice-contested will.

And — of course — some lawyers.

It sounds like the schlocky plot points of a 1980s TV movie, but it is a scenario that recently went down in real life, the New York Post reported Monday.

The full story appears to have gone something like this:

  • In 2009, twice-divorced Manhattanite Emilie Martin, in her late 70s, meets and begins a romantic relationship with Yehuda Sadok, in his late 40s, who is also known as Udy Geffen of Brighton Beach;
  • Sadok convinces Martin, who runs a very successful jewelry business, that he is a globe-trotting ex-Mossad agent and that the two of them are going to run off to Dubai to live happily ever after;
  • Martin is smitten and agrees to write Sadok into her will, to the tune of $20 million in jewels;
  • Martin’s two daughters get wind of the situation and lawyer up. They successfully force Martin to cancel the clause in her will giving her fortune to Sadok, and Martin agrees to stop seeing him;
  • Sadok disappears and then Martin dies in 2011, aged 78;
  • But it turns out Martin was plenty pissed off at her daughters for denying her that one last, crazy fling. After being forced to cut her lover Sadok out of the will, it is revealed that she then went and cut her own daughters out of the will as well, and left her fortune to her estranged siblings and their children;
  • The daughters lawyer up again, and are currently in an ongoing legal battle to reinstate themselves in the will.

Got it?

Sadok, wherever you are, get the rights to this story to an agent in LA stat, and maybe you can still come out ahead.

Update! Another website, DNAInfo New York, posted a more detailed picture of the tale, in which Sadok is interviewed and alleges that he is a married father of six who had only wanted to help Martin with some business transactions, and that they were not romantically involved.

The two daughters, he told the website, were “giving her a lot of hard times. They were always trying to control her.”

So, the drama! Still good for Hollywood.

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