4 Hamas terrorists holding two Israelis hostage for hours in Ofakim apartment

Four terrorists are still holding two Israelis hostage in an apartment in Ofakim, some 12 miles (20 kilometers) from the Gaza border.

The incident has been playing out all day, since several carloads of terrorists drove into the city, Channel 12 reports.

When rocket alarms sounded, and residents of the city descended into bomb shelters, the gunmen opened fire on them, killing several people. Many terrorists have been killed in the hours since.

Four terrorists went up into an apartment in the city, where two Israelis remained, and they have been holding them hostage ever since.

Security forces have made several attempts to find a way to break in and rescue them, but to no avail thus far.

Magen David Adom’s Shai Kadosh says two people he knows were killed in the city during the day and that he and his colleagues have been treating casualties all day.

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