Anti-government protesters demonstrate in Haifa, Caesarea and more at weekly rallies

Cnaan Lidor is The Times of Israel's Jewish World reporter

Hundreds of protesters chant: “What are they doing there in Gaza? He’s abandoning them in Gaza” near the home of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Caesarea.

The chant, a recent addition to the repertoire in the weekly protests near Netanyahu’s private residence, refers to dozens of hostages believed to be held captive in Gaza. It is followed by, “He who abandoned, must retrieve.”

In Tel Aviv, a far larger crowd assembles on Kaplan Street for the weekly protests featuring similar calls, including demands that Netanyahu resign and calls for an early election.

In Haifa, hundreds of protesters march from the Carmel Center neighborhood to Horev Center for a weekly rally. In Pardes Hannah-Karkur near Hadera, several dozen protesters throng Highway 4 holding signs calling for an early election.

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