Bennett to US Jews: I’d like to import your ability to listen

Stressing the unity between Israel and the Diaspora, Bennett continues: “When a Jew in Pennsylvania gets hurt, I hurt. When a Jew in France gets hurt, we feel the pain because we’re one.”

“If there’s one thing I want to import from American Jewry to Israel, it’s the ability to listen, the ability to not put people in a box,” he says. “Here, you’re just a Jew, and you’re welcome.”

Bennett then turns to the fact that Israel is in “the toughest neighborhood in the world.”

“That’s why we need to remain strong,” he says, pointing at an increase in the defense budget.

He also promises to prevent Iran from attaining a nuclear weapon, alone if necessary.

He says he was happy with the vote in Congress on funding for Iron Dome that ultimately passed by an overwhelming margin.

And he stresses that Israel is a critical player in the fight against terrorism. “We are 9 million boots on the ground,” he says, emphasizing that Israel will never ask the US to send troops to defend it.

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