CENTCOM: Houthis launch anti-ship ballistic missile into Gulf of Aden, none hurt

An anti-ship ballistic missile was launched from a Houthi-controlled area of Yemen into the Gulf of Aden yesterday, with no injuries or damage reported by US, coalition or commercial ships, US Central Command (CENTCOM) says.

In a separate operation, US Centcom adds that it engaged and destroyed one unmanned surface vessel and one unmanned aerial vehicle in a Houthi-controlled area.

The Houthis have launched more than 50 strikes on shipping, seized one vessel and sank another since November, according to the US Maritime Administration, though attacks have dropped in recent weeks as the rebels have been targeted by a US-led airstrike campaign in Yemen, while shipping through the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden has declined because of the threat.

American officials have speculated that the rebels may be running out of weapons as a result of the US-led campaign against them and their steady usage of drones and missiles in the last months.

The Houthis have said they will continue their attacks until Israel ends the war in Gaza, sparked by Hamas’s October 7 massacre.

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