Death toll of Thai workers killed in Hamas assault rises to 20, 14 held hostage

Twenty Thai nationals have been killed by the Hamas terror group’s assault on Israel, the kingdom’s government says, up from the previous toll of 18.

The foreign ministry says the number of Thais held hostage by Hamas had increased by three to 14, based on unofficial reports from Thai citizens in Israel.

During the massacre on Saturday, around 150 people of varying nationalities, including women and children, were abducted and brutally dragged into Gaza.

“The death toll of Thai nationals has risen to 20,” ministry spokeswoman Kanchana Patarachoke tells reporters in Bangkok, adding that the number of wounded had increased to 13.

The first repatriation flight with wounded Thais was expected to land in the capital on Thursday.

More than 5,000 Thai citizens have requested repatriation to the kingdom, Kanchana says.

There are approximately 30,000 Thais in Israel, mostly working in the agriculture sector, according to Thailand’s labor ministry.

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