Even as his party members desert him, Gantz insists he’s running in March

Benny Gantz insists he’s running in the March election as the leader of Blue and White, while denying he’s in talks with either Tel Aviv mayor Ron Huldai or Yamina leader Naftali Bennett on merging with their parties.

“Bubbe-Meises,” he says, using the Yiddish word for an untrue story.

In an interview with Channel 12, he also apologizes if his erstwhile partner Yair Lapid was offended by his claim that Lapid “hates people,” but doesn’t retract the comment.

Even as most of his Blue and White party members desert him, Gantz claims his centrist party will determine who is the next prime minister.

“I believe I am doing what’s right for Israel. Therefore, I’ll continue ahead” to remove Netanyahu from office, he says.

Recent opinion polls show Blue and White hovering near the electoral threshold.

Screen capture from video of Defense Minister Benny Gantz during an interview with the Ynet news website, January 4, 2021. (Ynet)