Gantz: US our top ally, differences should be solved discreetly and not with ‘defiant rhetoric’

Defense Minister Benny Gantz releases a statement touting Israel’s ties with America after Prime Minister Netanyahu said if forced to choose, he’ll prioritize efforts to thwart Iran’s nuclear program even at the cost of a potential diplomatic dustup with the United States.

“Iran is a threat to regional stability and world peace. It is a country that instigates terrorisms and is advancing a nuclear program that is dangerous to the State of Israel,” Gantz says. “Still, Israel is the strongest country in the region.”

He adds: “The United States was and will continue to be Israel’s most important ally in maintaining its security and security superiority in the region… Israel has and will have no better partner than the US. Even if there are disagreements, they will be solved behind closed doors and not with defiant rhetoric that could harm Israel’s security.”

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