Hamas source says 10 Israeli hostages to be freed today, not 8 as previously thought

A Hamas source tells AFP that 10 Israeli hostages will be released from the Gaza Strip today, two of them also holding Russian citizenship, as part of one-day truce extension. Previous statements by the sides have said eight hostages and three bodies will be returned today.

“All of them are alive,” the source says. “Israel last night refused a list Hamas proposed that included three Israeli bodies.”

A senior Hamas official has said the Palestinian terror group will also today return the bodies of three dead hostages.

It isn’t immediately clear if the Hamas source quoted by AFP is counting Yelena Trupanov and her mother Irena Tati — Russian-Israelis set free last night as a “gesture” to Russian President Vladimir Putin, in addition to 10 Israelis freed as part of the ceasefire deal — in today’s list, or if two more dual nationals are set for release.

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