IDF footage shows troops killing 2 Palestinian gunmen in Gaza’s Jabaliya

Emanuel (Mannie) Fabian is The Times of Israel's military correspondent

Drone footage released by the Israeli military shows soldiers of the Paratroopers Brigade killing two Palestinian gunmen on a rooftop in northern Gaza’s Jabaliya.

According to the IDF, the paratroopers have killed dozens of terror operatives during fierce clashes in the “heart of Jabaliya,” in neighborhoods that the military did not operate in previously.

The IDF says the two gunmen seen in the clip had first engaged in a gun battle with troops inside the building, before fleeing to the rooftop. The paratroopers encircled the building and killed the pair.

The clip shows one gunman opening fire from the rooftop, before being hit by the paratroopers’ fire. The second operative then takes the assault rifle from the first gunman and opens fire, before also being hit.

No soldiers were hurt in the incident, according to the military.

Warning: Graphic

The fighting in Jabaliya has been described by officers as some of the most intense amid the ongoing war.

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