IDF says ‘prominent’ terrorist from Oct. 7 killed in Gaza airstrike

Emanuel (Mannie) Fabian is The Times of Israel's military correspondent

A Hamas terrorist who participated in the October 7 onslaught was killed in an airstrike in the Gaza Strip, the military says.

Ahead of the strike against Ahmed Yasser al-Qara, a “prominent” member of Hamas’s anti-tank unit, a child was identified in the vicinity of the building.

The IDF says it held off carrying out the strike until the child was at a safe distance from the terrorist.

Al-Qara, according to the IDF, also carried out many attempted attacks against Israeli troops in the Gaza Strip amid the war.

Along with al-Qara, another two terror operatives were killed, according to the IDF: Suhaib Ra’ed Abu Riba, a member of Hama’s elite Nukhba force, and Anas Muhammad Abu Rajileh, a Palestinian Islamic Jihad operative.

A separate airstrike killed five Hamas operatives who were gathered at a school in the area of Gaza City’s Daraj and Tuffah neighborhoods, the military says.

The IDF says that among those killed were Fadi Salim, the head of the propaganda unit in Hamas’s Gaza City Brigade, three members of Hamas’s intelligence unit, and another Nukhba member.

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